Hello everyone,

This is a message that I do not find pleasant writing. Yesterday we had a board meeting, looking back at what we did last year and what the plans for the future are. Today I kept myself busy with writing the Wiki Loves Monuments report of last year, only realizing once again how much potential this chapter has and what we have already achieved.

Unfortunately, sometimes in life difficult decisions must be made. Attached you will find my resignation letter from the Wikimedia ZA board of directors. Not only am I resigning from the board, but I am also withdrawing myself from all other chapter activities for due course of time. Academically this year is going to be more challenging for me and I want to spend more time on other academic activities such as peer-reviewing and open-access lobbying for journals.

You will not see or hear from me for at least a year, but I will stay updated through the mailing list and the wonderful friendships made while being involved with the chapter. I wish everyone the best of times ahead! :)

Kindest regards