Hi Phola

Thanks for the introduction :)

We haven't finalised the venue yet.  It will definitely be held at Wits University but the room - and campus - still being finalised.  Will let everyone know as soon as we have this locked down.



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On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 2:40 PM, Phola Mabizela <phola.mabizela@dac.gov.za> wrote:
Hi everyone,

My name is Phola, and I work for Government...........how ubiquitous is that?
Truth be told, I do work for the Department of Arts and Culture, and my work
has been community development-driven, using the arts for social development.

I first came across the African Commons through Nhlanhla Mabaso, a great
advocate of Open Source [and my husband, so the contact was unavoidable :-)].
One of my projects, on the beautification of public spaces, caught his
attention and we thought how great it would be to create a digital mural which
we could share for free, on-line, and use as a platform to interact with
communities throughout the world who had done similar projects.
Unfortunately, the project didn't take off.  But, in the planning, I got to
meet Kerryn, and was and continue to be drawn to the work that the African
Commons do.

Am very green in this area, I look forward to learning, a lot, and sharing
what knowledge I have that is relevant.  I also just am really looking forward
to working with people who create value, in the everyday, in small and big

By the way, did I miss the email stating the venue for Saturday and Sunday?


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