Having just met Achal Prabhala at UCT in Cape Town, I am most interested in participating in Wikimedia SA!  I'm of Canadian origin, but based in South Africa doing my masters in educational technologies at UCT.   I work half time with the Centre for Educational Technologies on the OpenContent OER project which has been helping UCT academics create and share openly licensed teaching and learning materials. I am an enthusiast and researcher of open education/source/technology, networked learning, and all things edtech.

In particular I am interested in how SA academics can contribute to wikipedia,  using wikipedia statistics to track and analyze south african article activity and users, and building up the base of English SA articles.  I also see tremendous benefits in building up the articles in other SA languages. 

Michael Paskevicius
OER UCT Project
University of Cape Town
Centre for Educational Technology
Tel:+27(21) 650 3477