For those who don't know him, Oarabile is a fantastic Wikipedian - I spoke with him last year at Wikimania:

On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 12:31 AM, Oarabile Mudongo <> wrote:
Greetings WikimediaZA

My name is Oarabile Mudongo a fellow Wikipedian from Wikimedia Botswana.I would like to pass my gratitute and thanks giving towards the invitation you sent out in the mailling list to join you for the Cape Town meetup.This email serves to notify you that i will be definitely attending the meetup right from Botswana.

Wikimedia Botswana (Not accreditted by Wikimedia Foundation) is planning to initiate a number of projects related to GLAM,Wikipedia in Educational Programmes, Wiki Loves Munuments and lastly our major project of starting a Wikimedia Chapter in Botswana,therefore taking part in this meetup is a way of sharing ideas and more of benchmaking between the two chapters hence benefiting on aspects of improving and assuaring active editing within volunteers (Wikimedia Botswana).However as a member of a group of volunteers planning Wikimedia  Botswana i would like to be part of the meetup to support you along in the projects you have embarked on and gain more experience through my participation.

Am aware the venue of the meetup is Mexican Kitchen <> on 13 Bloem
Street (between Long and Loop Street in the City
Cape Town.
Time: 11am to 3pm

As per my plans and desires i will be leaving Botswana on a Friday early morning by Bus and will be arriving in Cape Town on a Saturday morning.I have family friends in Clainwilliam who could be accomodating me but it seems like its a bit far from the venue since the venue is in Western Cape ,therefore i kindly ask anyone of you who resides in Cape Town near the venue of the meetup to help me out with accomodation please as am also busy fighting hard to find out from my other friends please!!!.

Looking forward to meeting you soon and hearing from a good samaritan out there.


Oarabile Joseph Mudongo
Cellphone: +26774899486 / +26774131307\
Wikipedia Volunteer/Editor @ Wikimedia Foundation


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