Dear Wiki Loves Monuments volunteers,

 We are happy to announce the launch of Wiki Loves Sea Turtle Monuments!

A brand new global project surrounding the majestic sea turtles has been launched on Wikimedia Commons! MEDASSET (The Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles) has set up the foundation for what we aim to be an encyclopedic reference of sea turtle related monuments from around the world.

 Sea turtles are found in all corners of the Earth, having roamed the world's oceans for 100 million years. Their significance as a symbol has been commemorated by various cultures all throughout history and it will be essential to our cause to document their emblematic status through photographs; it will help us raise awareness about the dangers they face because of human activity. 

We were inspired by "Wiki loves monuments" and are appealing to you, the volunteers from around the world that made Wiki Loves Monuments the most successful photography competition in the world! Please help our project succeed and do your part in helping our natural heritage survive!

What can you do?

MEDASSET is a non profit environmental organisation working since 1988 to protect sea turtles in the Mediterranean.  This is our first project which reaches out to Wikimedians and we need your help. 

Perhaps through Wiki Loves Monuments images of sea turtle monuments have already been uploaded onto Wikimedia commons. Can you help us locate them?  Just add the Category (Sea Turtle Monuments) to images depicting sea turtles!

Please take a moment and visit and also to read more about Wiki Loves Sea Turtle Monuments and look at the images collected so far.

Our project aims at establishing a public domain encyclopedic reference for sea turtle related outdoor monuments which will contribute to open and free knowledge. Please help us make this possible!

If you have other recommendations or ideas for us, we are looking forward to receiving your feedback.  Your experience is valuable to us!

With very best wishes for a Happy New Year,


Jenny Ioannou

Head of Communications | MEDASSET-Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles

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