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Subject: [Wikimedia ZA] Draft Documents for Wikimedia ZA chapter
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Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2010, 3:14 PM

Dear Kerryn, thanks for keeping us on track.

I have a couple of observations and suggestions to offer.

There are still a few things that perhaps community members here
(presuming everyone involved is on the list) should decide on
collectively. To the extent that we discuss this with the chapters
committee soon, they will want to know who is behind this, i.e. who the
community members are. The three immediate things that need to be
discussed and resolved are:

(1) Who are the founding members? - Would these be every South African
Wikipedian on this list? All those who participated in the August
workshops plus all others who are interested but couldn't make it? (If
so: perhaps someone like Ian can discuss and compile that list).

Currently at
this is the corresponding point:

4.1. The first members of the company shall be [names of members,
minimum 7, no maximum numbers].

(2) Who is willing to direct (i.e. be a director) of the Wikimedia South
Africa chapter? This requires real discussion, as these individuals are
committing time to running the organisation, seeding ideas, helping
execute them, etc. It needs a process to ensure that there is both
adequate and fair representation of all interests involved. Perhaps Ian
and you can help lead this process: the questions to be decided are: how
many directors do you want over the legal minimum of 3, who wants to be
a director, if there are more people interested than there are positions
to hold elections, and lastly - though this does not need to be done
immediately - a separation of functions within directors as it makes
sense, for example, a President, Treasurer etc. or as you see fit.

Currently at
these are the corresponding points:

8.1 Unless otherwise determined by a meeting of members, the number of
directors shall not be less than 3 (three) who are not connected to each
other in the sense that they are not spouses or are not related to each
other or to each other’s spouses within the third degree of consanguinity.

8.2 The first directors of the company shall [insert names].

Other than attending to the comments made by David and Lodewijk (who is
a voting member of chapcom by the way), some decisions will have to be
made regarding who the community proposing this chapter is, and what
responsibilities you will bear.

Good wishes,

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