Works for me! (Full disclosure: I am working on the Wiki Loves Pride campaign, so I am biased.) I appreciate the attempt to avoid schedule conflicts, and I know of no other major campaign during them month of July. It could be interesting to see if having the Wiknic around July 4 helps or hinders activity. People may have picnicking on their mind, and I think we should play the "National Picnic Month" card on the Great American Wiknic campaign page. 


On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 2:24 PM, Pharos <> wrote:
Hi fellow Wiki-Americans,

We were thinking about mixing up the Great American Wiknic this year, by holding it closer to actual Independence Day, on Sunday July 6:

This is so we can make room for awesome Wiki Loves Pride events on June 21:

Does this sound good to folks?  If so, we can push ahead with the national campaign.


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