I am pleased to announce that Wikimedia District of Columbia has selected Leo Zimmermann to lead our Wikipedia Summer of Monuments project. Leo's experience running Wikipedia workshops and reaching out to rural libraries have prepared him for what is our largest outreach project yet. The object of Summer of Monuments is to improve photographic coverage of nationally recognized historic sites in the Southern United States, a region that is underrepresented on Wikipedia. In particular, we have identified ten states where photographic coverage lags behind: Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Our plan is to build on the success we had with Wiki Loves Monuments with a campaign of direct outreach to those historical and cultural institutions who share our mission to improve access to the world's knowledge. To learn more, read our latest blog post: <>.

We invite Wikimedians and our allies to join us in this effort to share history on Wikipedia!

James Hare
President, Wikimedia District of Columbia