As Brighton is rather close to London can I suggest that we try and avoid having this clash with the London meetup? That still leaves you the 1st, 3rd and 4th weekends of the month.


On 19 August 2011 09:59, Lewis Cawte <> wrote:
On 19/08/11 09:28, Lewis Cawte wrote:
On 18/08/11 23:40, Thomas Morton wrote:
Youch... but of a trek :)

But I should be able to make it to Brighton without too much pain.

Are there any suggested dates?


On 18 August 2011 23:36, Richard Farmbrough <> wrote:
Sounds good!  Last time I spent the night in Brighton was WorldCon, no
sleeping was involved!  However that is not a great idea if I am driving

On 18/08/2011 21:53, Lewis Cawte wrote:
> Glad to hear your interested :)
> I'm speaking with the most likely venue tomorrow, as their designated
> person is in office Mondays and Fridays. The venue has Wifi, not sure
> about mains outlets, but the lady from the venue said its used for
> hackathon like events a fair bit, so they should have plenty.
> Food and drink, I've been asking people, and generally from what I've
> heard, snacks and lunch are provided by the organisers, and dinner
> people go off with their new friends, or by themselves to get dinner and
> drinks...
> Presentations - I've heard at past events they've not had the right
> balance of presentations to coding/hacking, and that there were too
> many. So I'm going to have to work that out, but after I've got the
> venue and date confirmed (next week or two), then I'll put out a call
> for speakers and see how many talks we want. Apparently the space is
> small enough not to require microphones, but if any speaker specificly
> wants to use one, let me know way in advance! Venue will be providing a
> projector for us.
> Getting there - this venue I'm looking at is a 6 minute walk (mostly
> downhill slightly) from Brighton Station, cars are ok, as I think
> there's a big car park nearby (a few roads away), but don't hold me to this!
> Accommodation - I'm going to leave that up to people to arrange, I'll
> put a few sites on the page when venue and date is up, but its not my
> strong point, I live a 30 minute bus ride away, so its never been
> something I've looked at, I know theres some (not so cheap?) hotels
> along the seafront, but I'll go in and have a look for other things
> if/when I go to checkout the venue in person. I know in past hackathons
> people have arranged group offers for their attendees, but thats not
> something I personally am going to be able to do, if someone is worried
> about accommodation, poke me, and feel free to go scope out a cheap
> place where we can book people into where needs be.
> Any other questions, comments etc, they are all welcome!
> -- Lewis Cawte
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Currently discussing the weekend of the 12th, at the venue for the Saturday and half of the Sunday, but people are welcome to come for just the Saturday if they need to get home etc, and for people travelling down early on the Friday, if there's enough interest I'll stick up some activity for anyone that doesn't want to be stuck in their hotel for half a day... after I've finished school, possibly a tour or something... BBQ on the beach? :P

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