That's perfect thanks

Yes any ideas on how you've had success getting people to see the benefits to them would be good, and defo some advice on uploading process (I assume it's going to be a case of forwarding their email giving permission to OTRS?)

On Tue, 23 Feb 2016 at 16:43 Richard Nevell <> wrote:
There are some example letters on Wikipedia which do a good job of explaining the implications of a CC-BY-SA licence but from a quick read they don't seem to make a good case for why people should donate image.


On 23 February 2016 at 16:29, Katherine Bavage <> wrote:
Hi all,

Sorry if this is something I really ought to know :/ 

Is there a standard form of words - either from OTRS wiki or that you have used - that is helpful when you are contacting organisations or individuals to ask for image donations? 

Context: I would like to contact artists to ask if they have image shots they would be prepared to donate to commons to support creation of articles about them. 

Problem: I need to be able to say a) What the benefit of donating the image is to them and to us b) what the consequences of CC-BY-SA donation are in terms of that images use for a non expert.

Also it would help if anyone can share the easiest process for managing uploading when you don't hold the copyright but the image donor does (but they are a non-expert/non editor)

Thank you!


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