An individual trustee shouldn't have the power the overrule the staff on how to implement a decision, unless that trustee was specifically named in the board's decision as being responsible (and if that were the case, they should have reviewed them in advance).

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How is it an effective use of the charity's resources to effectively duplicate perfectly good business cards, and then to spend money on postage to get said perfectly good cards back, then spend yet more money on postage to send the new ones out?

Where is the logic in this, and why is it being done at the insistence of a single trustee? I'm sick of board members making mountains out of molehills and then vetoing decisions. 
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I'm afraid there's a problem with the business cards: one of the board has objected to the titles on the cards. I'm afraid I need to recall the cards you've been sent, and issue you new ones... Could you pop them in the post to FREEPOST WIKIPEDIA please? I'll have new ones in the post to you inside a week.

A bit of a pain, but it's important to keep everyone happy. Like I said, I should have new ones to you in a week or so. 

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