Don't forget, though, that some of the Wikipedians may have decent experience either as CEO's themselves, or in HR - or even working under CEO's!

So there may be important insight to gain from them and their advice :) Especially as it is likely to be a no BS assessment.

When I hire people I usually round up the final candidates and take them to lunch with some of the current employees - and then debrief informally later to see what they thought. This is almost always the best hiring advice you will ever get.


On 5 September 2011 10:19, James Forrester <> wrote:
On 5 September 2011 09:12, Gordon Joly <> wrote:
> I humbly assert that this process (many Wikipedians, face to face, in a
> pub in London) breaks any modern standards of the selection process
> (e.g. all candidates being asked the same set of questions).

Well, the way I see it it's more that it's an opportunity for the
potential Chiefs Executive to consider whether they really want to
serve our community - so best behaviour from all attendees, please!

Certainly, I wouldn't want the Board to make a decision based on a few
idle chats in a pub, but I'm sure they wouldn't.

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