I have one very small example. At a wiki meetup last month I met a the chair of a small local charity.  They have an archive of interesting local material that the chair would like to consider scanning and releasing as PD or under a free licence. I was asked "do you have a short, simple, non-technical document I can give to my fellow trustees to explain why we ought to be doing this?"  Although there is a lot of material out there that explains open knowledge and open licences in great detail it turns out that we don't actually have anything short and simple we can hand out or point members of the public to. And as a national charity that aspires to lead in this area we really ought to have something that concisely answers the question "why should I release my content?"


On 25 Feb 2016, at 18:31, Edward Saperia <edsaperia@gmail.com> wrote:

>> WMUK would like to provide better materials aimed at the general public which explain the benefits of open knowledge.
> What is the objective here?
Its now been 2 full working days. Am I to take it that there is no objective?

At the risk of sounding negative, I also don't think this seems like a very productive thing for the charity to spend time on. Lots of materials already exist that explain the benefits of open knowledge - and without a clear audience or channel in mind, creating more media seems a bit pointless.

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