"Congress 'made Wikipedia' changes" says the BBC:

David Gerard <dgerard@gmail.com> wrote:
The UK media has discovered the US Senate story and today is Media
Batshit Day. I just did a Guardian interview for tomorrow (to be in
both paper and online - the online version is 3x the size of the paper
version, so it's always a good idea to ask!). So look out for it.

There should be TV coverage as well, if Danny can match interviewees
with interviewers fast enough - if everyone could try to record the
assorted TV news tonight, that'd be great, particularly if you have a
DVD recorder and/or can do multiple channels!

We'll probably try to drag in Alison Wheeler as a backup UK media
contact for *special* days like this. (Alison, you're drafted!) Other
suitable UK volunteers who can get away from their desk by day at
short notice might be good too.

- d.
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