Following on from being a garantor member you have to be 18. If for instance you are 16 and want to have a contract phone you have to be 18 or have your parents/carers be garantor. This therefore means that you should not allow under 18s to be garantor members as they are not legally responsible should the company go into liquidation.


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> Subject: Re: [Wikimediauk-l] Age limits
> > Well, I suppose the distinction is really that one is about governance
> > of the organisation, the other about fundraising and developing a
> > consistent income stream -- making sure that donors from 2008 go on to
> > donate in 2009 as well. I don't know whether this is worth doing --
> > in any case, it wouldn't be necessary to make the decision
> > immediately.
> I think the best way to get donors to keep donating is to set up
> direct debits, then they have to make a concious decision to stop
> rather than a concious decision to keep going. I did a minimal amount
> of research into direct debits and it looks like there are a fair few
> hoops to jump through to prove you're trustworthy enough to be able to
> take money out of other people's accounts, someone should do some
> proper research into it (perhaps ask the people in the bank while
> setting up the account).
> I think the only reason to have the two separate is if we expect a
> significant number of people to be in one group but not the other (the
> occasional exception can be made on a case-by-case basis).
> > My other reasoning was that it was my understanding from someone's
> > post to this list that it is not allowed to charge for guarantor
> > membership -- is this correct?
> So say the people involved in v1.0, but I can't find any mention of
> such a rule anywhere and the model docs (and, in fact, the v1.0 docs)
> include a bit about the board setting membership fees (in the bit
> about Rules) and a bit about terminating people's membership if they
> don't pay up within 6 months of money coming due (in the bit about
> membership). I spoke to James about it and he was going to take a look
> at the documents to see if I was misinterpreting something, but he
> hasn't got back to me yet.
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