It's good to have Diane's comments. May I echo Gordon's request that our thanks be passed onto her.
My reading of the comments is that I have no problem with any of the proposed amendments except for the Objects - and then on the factual grounds that David has already highlighted that we will not actually be publishing anything ourselves. Maybe "Encouraging the publication of..." would be a better phrase?
Also, I am tempted to apply to not have "Ltd" in the name straightaway. In practice we're not going to be up and running as a registered charity until the middle of next year, I guess, and a few days' additional delay is no concern. Indeed, if Companies House was concerned about us using Ltd then I can't see us getting passed the Charity Commission.
Once amendments have been tweaked, I think we can put the things together that we need to incorporate. We'll soon need another meeting - maybe IRC over the Christmas break, or face-to-face in the New Year, to tidy things up, get things signed (for which we also need a solicitor), and start putting things together for the Charity Commission. I'm also wondering how many of the GBP donations of future WM fundraisers would come to Wiki Educational Resources!
All the best

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