I don't know if Brighton has a Linux User Group? But they might be interested (and also may have suggestions for venues and other helpful stuff).

The only really important thing in a venue is the WiFi ;)

As to advertising; post on the Bot Owners Noticeboard.


On 26 August 2011 10:22, Michael Peel <michael.peel@wikimedia.org.uk> wrote:

> Crumbs, I'm not having the best of luck with organising a date for this
> :| I see the wiki was only just updated for both of these

Sorry about that - the dates have been at http://uk.wikimedia.org/wiki/Meetings for a while, but I only realised that they weren't on the events page this morning.

> Speaking of board meetings, I wonder if my membership application has
> made it in yet..

I can't spot it on the online system - did you apply online or by post?

> It doesn't look like we're going to fill much of the hall/area I've
> looked into booking, let alone the breakout room (if anyone wants a
> breakout room for up to 20 people, let me know!) lol.. could be
> interesting ^.^

I'm sure you'll fill it in the end - it'll just take a little work to get people's attentions. ;-) Another thought - it would probably be worth contacting university computer science departments to see if they have anyone interested in coming along and learning how to contribute to mediawiki. Similarly other UK tech groups.


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