Hi everyone,

For anyone interested in military biography or Norwegian subjects (or both), please see this email from a Norwegian wikipedian running a project to improve coverage of recipients of the Norwegian equivalent of the Victoria Cross. They mainly seem to be from WW2. 

Please contact Ulf directly (on or off wiki) if you'd like to get involved.


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From: Ulf Larsen <ulflarsen@gmail.com>

Hi, I got your mail address through Wikimedia UK. I am Ulf Larsen, voluntary contributor to Wikipedia in Bokmål/Riksmål and I am trying to find someone interested in helping us filling out the "red articles" regarding british citizen's on this list:


This medal is the most prestigious one can receive for combat service and we would like to have it complete, with biographies of all listed there, below is the main article about the medal:


I have posted a message on the Military project's project page:


We have also made a kind of mini project page on the discussion page of the list of recipients:


There we have listed all the missing biographies. We have established contacts both with Polish and French contributors so if we could find someone in the UK that could help fill out the missing biographies of the brave UK soldiers that received this medal we would be very happy about that! :-)

I have tried before to post on various talkpages on the english language Wikipedia, but no result from that. 

Is this something you could help me in, or put me in contact with someone that is interested?

As a prize we are open for trying to arrange some kind of mini-competition about it, we have good relations with the airline Norwegian Air Shuttle and thus may be able to offer free tickets to Oslo for two persons or more, so for anyone interested that win it could be a nice weekend in Oslo.

Best regards, Ulf Larsen

Voluntary contributor Wikipedia & member of Wikimedia Norway