I'd avoid the first half of August 2012, we have some sort of sporting thing in London and visitors might have difficulty with flights and hotels.

You might consider September 29/30 - outside the school holidays and as the fifth weekend in September it neatly avoids clashing with any regular 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th weekend fixtures.


On 19 September 2011 16:26, Fae <faenwp@gmail.com> wrote:

As we have to book a venue far in advance are there views on what
Autumn 2012 dates (August through to November) would be best for our
second GLAMWIKI conference (hopefully the main global conference for

We have an very kind offer, from one of our top partners, the British
Library to host for free during the Autumn period, though this would
have to span Friday through to Monday (presumably we would go for a
Friday and Saturday again). We have yet to get feedback from other
Chapters if another country were very keen to play host but I think
the UK is in a good position with our pretty active GLAM programme and
we are pushing for more inter-chapter initiatives. Once we have some
nominal dates I can then try to stake our claim for another GLAMWIKI
with the wider community.

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