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> Regardless of whether there is impropriety or not, it is hardly possible to claim that the appearance of impropriety has been avoided.

For someone in the public eye, no matter how properly they behave, a person with an axe to grind can always spin an appearance of impropriety.

"The self-promotional aspect here (the degree to which MonmouthpediAis clearly used by Roger has a way to advance his personal career) is real and somewhat unsavory. Serving on a board of a non-profit oughtto be done first and foremost to serve that organization's objectives,not to promote separate business goals."

– Erik Möller, September 19, 2012


And let's say Roger does resign: who's the next target on your list?

That is simply nonsense. There was no need to instrumentalise Wikipedia as a marketing tool for third parties to use, to sell the project as such, and to derive personal income from these projects.