Hi everyone, 

I'm pleased to share with you all an opportunity to join the first Wikibooks Group/Club, which will entail with several meetups from August- December 2018.

The primary aim of the group will be to form a team to help support UCL's new Wikimedia in the Classroom course starting in October; an 'Approaches to Knowledge' module, comprising of 130 students, who will be graded upon the collective creation of a  Wikibook! 

This will more broadly, however, be an opportunity to skill share/ peer learn the world of Wikibooks (and of course socialise) with some fellow Wikimedians in the coming months! Prior experience of Wikibooks isn't an absolute requirement- but those of you with Wikibooks experience are encouraged to inquire if you're interested!

If you'd like to hear more details, drop me an email: hannah.evans@wikimedia.org.uk

I'm hoping the group can have their first meeting in the first week of August, and will meet 3-5 times until December (the end of the Academic term).


Hannah Evans

Programme Coordinator

Wikimedia UK

020 3372 0765

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