Dear members!
My name is Kajura Felix aUgandan aged 26years old.I come from avery humble family background born to Mr.Rusoke Paul and Nakibuuka Christine.
Am an ex-seminarian who loved and started priestly formation at an age of 15years in the minor seminary.After which still filled with the passion to serve as apriest continued to the major seminary.Unfortunately,of late in 2006 when i was travelling back to the major to continue with the seminary formation,i was involved in afatal motorcar accident from which God saved my life for which i greatly thank him todate!
However,after recovery,i wasn't allowed to continue with priestly formation something that frustrated me!
Encouraged by God's grace,i let all that go and looked at what the future held for me.
In the year 2008,i applied to Makerere University which is the best and recognised national university in Uganda for abachelor's degree in commerce and i was granted aplace.This is where i have been since 2008,for two years now.
From the start,my parents have been supporting me to pursue my degree at the university through thick and thin together with my little efforts by doing some casual work when i could find it anyway.
Of recent,my ageing father who has been self employed was diagnosed with cancer and was advised by the doctors to stop working due to his poor health.And my ageing mother too who would remain supportive is apeasant susistence farmer who is now loaded with the responsibility of taking care of the family.
I have just accomplished my second year at the university and i still have more two to complete my degree.
Am worried about the way am going to coninue with my studies at the university because there are alot of requirements that i need to continue my studies at the university such as;tuition fees per semester,examination fees per semester,technology fees per semester,registration fees per semester,library fees per semester,development fees per semester,internship fees per academic year,accomodation,the list is long let alone personal requirements like meals and others which i have always foregone due to lack of money.
It is because of this kind of dilemma and challenge that am experiencing i decided to write on this e-mail address in search for someone to help me such that i can be able to accomplish my degree programme.
I shall therefore be very overwhemingly thankful to whoever shall respond to my humble request and cry!
May God bless you all.
For any one out there who wishes to give me any assistance,we can be in touch by e-mail,my e-mail address is;