As a chapter we will be geographically focussed on the United Kingdom. however, for legal purposes we have to be incorporated in a particular jurisdiction, which will be one of:
- England
- Wales
- England and Wales
- Scotland, or
- Northern Ireland

In practice, companies incorporated in all these jurisictions can operate in the other parts with no problems. The only practical restriction is that the Registered Office - often the home of the Secretary - has to be physically located in that jurisdiction.

Given that most of us seem to be based in England, I suggest "England and Wales" as the location. This gives us maximum flexibility, should we end up with a secretary who lives, say, in Cardiff, it wouldn't be a problem. If the secretary lived in, say, Edinburgh, we would just have to make some kind of arrangements for someone else - possibly another director - to host the registered office.

The alternative is to focus this chapter on, say, England and Wales only, and let Scotland form their own. Given there is currently no initiative to form a separate chapter in Scotland I suggest we dont go down that route until then.