Another organisation I'm involved in is doing something similar though a tad more formal this week. Their shortlisted candidates will be rotated round four tables so everyone gets to meet everyone else, and we don't wind up with a table of candidates. The candidates will be arriving a little later than the rest of us and leaving at a set time, that allows for a briefing beforehand and a debrief afterwards.  The London meetup usually winds up subdividing into two or more discussions simply because of the length of the table, and then folds back to one discussion by the evening as numbers dwindle. I'd hope the board will be  thinking of something like that, particularly giving the candidates a leaving time so that there is time to discuss them after they've all gone..


On 5 September 2011 10:24, Thomas Morton <> wrote:
Don't forget, though, that some of the Wikipedians may have decent experience either as CEO's themselves, or in HR - or even working under CEO's!

So there may be important insight to gain from them and their advice :) Especially as it is likely to be a no BS assessment.

When I hire people I usually round up the final candidates and take them to lunch with some of the current employees - and then debrief informally later to see what they thought. This is almost always the best hiring advice you will ever get.


On 5 September 2011 10:19, James Forrester <> wrote:
On 5 September 2011 09:12, Gordon Joly <> wrote:
> I humbly assert that this process (many Wikipedians, face to face, in a
> pub in London) breaks any modern standards of the selection process
> (e.g. all candidates being asked the same set of questions).

Well, the way I see it it's more that it's an opportunity for the
potential Chiefs Executive to consider whether they really want to
serve our community - so best behaviour from all attendees, please!

Certainly, I wouldn't want the Board to make a decision based on a few
idle chats in a pub, but I'm sure they wouldn't.

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