Great idea Mike! The Leeds wikimeet was pretty white and male apart from Katherine Bavage.

That was partly what prompted my suggestion that the forthcoming York meet be moved to a cafe rather than a pub. I'm also hoping to get some uptake from the students at the York Art History WikiClub which is just gettting off the ground. This will definitely change the dynamic!

It might be interesting to specifically target WikiMeet marketing at recent edit-a-thon attendees (by email/social media?). Perhaps this would be a small step toward helping editor retention?

Just a few thoughts,


On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 9:00 AM, Gordon Joly <gordon.joly@pobox.com> wrote:

I am sure that many of the regulars have talked about change. For
example, Fabian Tompsett has suggested to me (and I have talked to
others) about alternatives. Fabian's idea was to have an "East London"
meeting, based perhaps in the "Idea Stores" (modern libraries in Tower

London Wikimeets date back to June 2004.


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