Every room in college accommodation has an Ethernet point. However our IT guy is notoriously stroppy about letting external people on the network. However if the college authorities were onboard then I’m sure he could be overruled, as they will certainly understand that internet access is a base requirement for us.


I would imagine that Wikimedia over the years has accumulated a lot of wireless APs projectors etc etc so perhaps it would not actually need to be bought again?




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Yer that's something we will need to cost in future. We would also need to find out whether there will be any additional cost. Also need to find out what wireless/wired access to the web is available in the accomodation.

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> > I wasn't sure if this has been mentioned before. I couldn't see anything
> > mentioned previously in the archives. What sort of access to wireless
> > internet is there?
> According to the link given above somewhere, there are two rooms with
> wired internet and two with wireless. I think they were among the
> smaller rooms.
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