I'd just like to ask once more for some substantiation of Mr. Sinclair's business background and qualifications as a "career financial manager". I've tried to resolve this privately via e-mail, but instead of answers, was treated to a polite but frustrating and ultimately runaroundish runaround as he refused to name even one actual company for which he's served in a financial capacity. The only name I've heard so far - Businessfirst - doesn't look like a real company, beyond a name and a proxy address (both street address and IP address). There is something not quite right here, and if there are any necessary amendments to Mr. Sinclair's claims ("I'm a career financial manager - I first ran a business in the 80's, qualified as an ACA, moved to the board of a £multimillion company as their finance and admin manager, and I've worked as a financial controller or manager for two PLCs…") it'd be better to hear them sooner rather than later.