On 22/11/2007, David Gerard <dgerard@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm now getting desperate for someone to do this, because I *haven't a
clue* about Wiktionary myself. In absolute desperation I could wing it
if someone can point me at the relevant "how things work here" pages,
but I'd rather not ... Wiktionarians outside the UK would be fine too,
even by phone (preferably the highest-quality line available, e.g.
ISDN or Skype, though landline would be tolerable).

They need to record this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Help please!

- d.

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I've asked in the #wiktionary channel on freenode. It might be an idea to post a message on a noticeboard on the wiki itself. Hardly anyone reads this list. And have you posted to the wiktionary list?

Alex (Majorly)