I've just updated the Wiki with some details about this Autumn's fundraiser, which is just a few short weeks away...


In particular there are 5 ways YOU can help. (YES, ALL OF YOU)

1. We still need more British Wikimedia stories, please give us yours here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=en_US&formkey=dF9MNkx5dGsxcFBmOHhGNWZmaC0zcXc6MQ#gid=0

2. There is a "Thankyou page" that donors see once their payment has gone through. At the moment, it's extremely rudimentary. Please help improve it! http://uk.wikimedia.org/wiki/Thanks

3/4: I'd be really interested in hearing from web developers and copywriters who are interested in getting involved in the fundraiser. If you think this might be you, please drop me an email.

5. Come along to the EGM - or if you know you can't make it, *submit a proxy authority* - so that we have a quorate meeting and can stay on track to become a registered charity before the start of the fundraiser. http://uk.wikimedia.org/wiki/EGM_2011

Many thanks,