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The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) is aiming to create a Universal Code of Conduct, which will harmonise existing behavioural policies and guidelines across all Wikimedia projects and languages into one Code of Conduct for all staff and volunteers. Wikimedia UK has created a survey - based on the Art+Feminism community survey - to gather feedback from Wikimedia’s contributors in the UK, which we will share (anonymously) with the Foundation and which will inform our own chapter response to the proposals. There will be further opportunities to provide feedback following the initial drafting stage, at which point there will be a community consultation on the wording of the Code (likely to be from the last week of August).

Background reading/viewing includes the following:

Announcement of WMF Board mandate on WMF blog

Announcement of WMF Board mandate at Wikimedia Foundation Notice Board May 2020

Pre-consultation page on Meta, created September 2019. Maggie Dennis, Vice President, Community Resilience & Sustainability, WMF 

Community hours 04/06/2020

Talk page

Wikimedia UK’s survey is here - please note that all responses are anonymous.

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