Dear all

I have been asked by the Wikimedia Foundation to complete a survey about the draft Enforcement Guidelines for the Universal Code of Conduct. In particular, they are seeking input about whether or not it is necessary to hold a final ratification process with communities and affiliates. The survey also asks us to highlight any concerns about the draft guidelines.

My understanding is that there will be one survey for each affiliate to complete, rather than multiple responses. Given that, I want to make sure that I respond in a way that best reflects the views of UK volunteers and contributors, not just me and the staff team. I have some questions and comments about the guidelines, but moreover I do think that there should be a ratification process involving the people who will be required to formally consent to the Code (who are listed here).

If you are at all interested in/looking forward to/concerned by the introduction of the Universal Code of Conduct, this is an opportunity to express your views. It would therefore be useful to know your thoughts on any or all of the following points, ideally by the end of next week (3rd December):
Please note that these questions are specifically about the draft Enforcement Guidelines, not the Universal Code of Conduct itself. 

Thanks and best wishes


Lucy Crompton-Reid

Chief Executive

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