I've decided (due to various factors) that I'm going to move it back a weekend, it will now be on the 19th/20th of November. Still confirming a venue, maybe looking at a group booking at Travellodge ...

Can't think of what else I was going to mention but feel free to question me. :)

-- Lewis Cawte

On 22/08/11 10:50, WereSpielChequers wrote:
Well I thought I made a decent case for avoiding a clash.....  People can't attend both and for most people the London meetup will be closer.


On 22 August 2011 05:57, Lewis Cawte <lewiscawte@googlemail.com> wrote:
On 20/08/11 09:00, Gordon Joly wrote:
> On 20/08/2011 01:01, WereSpielChequers wrote:
>> As Brighton is rather close to London can I suggest that we try and
>> avoid having this clash with the London meetup? That still leaves you
>> the 1st, 3rd and 4th weekends of the month.
> I tend to disagree. Make the choice without reference to the London
> Wikimeet.
> Gordo
If anyone gives me a decent case on why I should move it, I will, but at
the moment, I'm staying put, just because thats already what people have
seen or been told that it will probably be...

-- Lewis Cawte

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