I'm particularly excited about this project, not only because it is an interesting subject and cool event, but also because this represents the *sustainability* of the relationship between GLAMs and us after intensive projects like Wikipedian in Residence. Although this is with the British Museum I had no involvement with this planning at all It had been built upon the relationships forged last year between individual wikimedians and curators - which is exactly how it should be! 

Congratulations John and the UK team. good luck :-)


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Announcing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:GLAM/BM/Ice_Age_Event_-_October_13,_2011

This is a full-day event to encourage participation in our project to improve coverage of Ice Age art aka the Art of the Upper Paleolithic on Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects, including the early history of the rediscovery and interpretation of these objects.  The British Museum are planning an important exhibition for Spring 2013 on this, and the project will run until then. 

This is a rare opportunity to have guided tours of the collections at Franks House, where the British Museum's Palaeolithic and Mesolithic objects not on display live.  It will also be possible to photograph some objects at Franks House, which will be very useful for the project (and at Bloomsbury in the normal way).  Places are strictly limited to 20 because of the facilities at Franks House.  We are very lucky to be having a generous amount of time with Jill Cook, Deputy Keeper of the Prehistoric & Europe Department, responsible for Palaeolithic and Mesolithic material, and [http://www.britishmuseum.org/the_museum/departments/staff/prehistory_and_europe/nick_ashton.aspx Nick Ashton], Curator of Palaeolithic and Mesolithic collections.

Sign up now open - only 20 places.

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