Not really Gordo! Sorry if I wasn't clear. As Sara has offered to write the text, I'll discuss the brief in more detail with her - although happy for others to be involved, of course :)

On 26 February 2016 at 10:55, Gordon Joly <> wrote:
On 26/02/16 10:14, Lucy Crompton-Reid wrote:
> Thanks for all your comments and input into this. I can understand why
> those working closely within the open knowledge sector might feel there
> isn't a need for information about why this matters, but the audience
> we're aiming this at are people working in smaller organisations and
> societies, or simply interested members of the public, who need an
> introduction to open.

Was that an suggestion to widen the remit? "Open standards" are a part
of "open", for example. And HTTP is "open"....


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