2009/1/3 Al Tally <majorly.wiki@googlemail.com>
2009/1/3 michael west <michawest@gmail.com>

Is the meet up just for editors? - I retired a year ago from editing but still read and use wikipedia. It seems a little extreme to bar non-editors, its a social.


No, anyone may attend.


Thanks for the reply on-wiki Alex. There is certainly nothing bizarre about wishing to attend after a years absence from editing. I've been a member of this list for 18months and can't recall any mention of Manchester meetup 2 or 3 ever being advertised on the list. Meetup 2 was mentioned on the GM project.

Wikipedia is the encyclopedia anyone can edit. I have not been barred from editing and do edit under a wikiname that wouldn't  link me to my past. I'm not 45 and from AL so attending the meetup in that guise would be far stranger than a lapsed editor showing an interest. Wikipedia doesn't mandate its editors to be truthful, do untruths help swing xfds or Rfa's? - I think thats doubtful - consistant editing and sourcing makes wikipedia good.