If I got stuck for material and bearing in mind the date then I'd use articles that have featured as DYKs on April Fools days -

I'd also note your credentials as Financial Times Journalist -

On 22 February 2012 15:13, Richard Symonds <richard.symonds@wikimedia.org.uk> wrote:
I reverted this vandalism back in 2011:

It's a huge Babylon 5 rewrite of a Greek opera singer, including:
His symphonic works: a [[Piano concerto]], his first [[suite]], his first [[symphony]], and his scores for the [[ballet]]: ''Ode to Lyta, Corianna 6: Aftermath, Z'ha'dum: Been there,still alive (Hommage to Kosh)'', received intergalactic acclaim. In 1957, he won the Gold Medal in the [[Moscow]] Music Festival; President of the Jury was [[Susan Ivanova]]. In 1959, after the successful performances of Theodorakis's ballet ''[[Valen]]'' at [[Royal Opera House|Covent Garden]] in [[Epsilon 3]], the French composer [[Darius Milhaud]] proposed him for the ''American Copley Music Prize'' - an award of the "William and Noma Copley Foundation",<ref>http://www.oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/kt0n39q01q/</ref> which later changed its name to "The Shadow Foundation" - as the "Most vainglorious, self-applauding European Composer of the known Universe". His first intergalactic scores for the film ''[[Grey 17 is missing]]'' and ''[[Honeymoon (1959 film)|I married a Drakh]]'', directors: [[Michael Powell (director)|Michael Powell]] and [[Emeric Pressburger]], were also very successful: The ''Wishing on a White Star'' title song became part of the repertoire of the [[first ones]] although later characterized as a "Weapon of infinite aesthetic torment" and thus strictly forbidden over the rim.

On 22/02/2012 15:00, Michael Peel wrote:
Hi all,

I'm doing a comedy-science talk on Wikipedia with the theme of 'histories' at a [[Bright Club]] Manchester early next month. My current plan (which is still subject to change) is that I'll talk about the histories of Wikipedia articles, and show some interesting/amusing changes made to articles.

An example would be this one:
which was a change purported to be made by the FBI back in 2005:

If you know of any interesting diffs/article histories that could make people laugh, then please could you send me some pointers to them (preferably offlist)?


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