From the context, I think Deryck meant "all the money we (the whole of WIkimedia) raise (through the fundraiser) will nominally pass through the FDC". I took him to be saying that every pound which WMUK raises independently reduces by a pound the amount we would be requesting from the FDC. In that sense, we don't "steal" donors, just direct their contributions through a different channel that may attract an extra 25% in Gift Aid.

Have another read and see if you agree with my understanding.


On 29 September 2012 23:41, Sam Klein <> wrote:
Deryck Chan <deryckchan <at>> writes:

> With the FDC in place, all the money we raise will nominally pass through the
> FDC pot anyway

I believe you have been misinformed. Funds raised independently of the projects
and site banners are not passed through the FDC nor counted in revenue sharing.
Because fundraising independence is a good thing.


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