The Main Halls in Exam Schools seat 450, not 500. Rather annoying I know. Possibly we could just have a real time video feed to another room, but I’m not sure if that would fly with the judges.


The only 500+ venues in central Oxford I’ve discovered are the Town Hall, the Sheldonian and the Playhouse.




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I think that it would be worth getting in contact with as many people as possible at this early stage and seeing what options we have. We all need to be making contacts as well. In regards to a comparison with costing, i decided to get in contact with cardiff university, so that we could get some sort of idea as to how much it would cost elsewhere. To hire out one main 460 capacity conferance theater and say another 5 or 6 rooms with capacity from 100-150, with wireless in all theaters plus an exibition area (148m2) would cost just short of 5000. I contacted oxford university and they recommended the Examination School as that is really the only place capable for hosting 500 people in one room. Link here. I did try to ring them but there was no answer so i will try them again tomorrow. But we would be looking at somewhere in the region of probably 6000-7000 at a rough guess. There is also pricing there for internet/phone access plus other stuff. So being hosted by the university would be a possiblity and it would be cheaper than the town hall. I havnt looked at access to the building just yet. Hope this is helpful.

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Please do!
One of my brilliant ideas for the 2008/2009 bid was to hold the main party at The o2, but when I spoke to the head of PR, while he seemed keen he told me to email somebody about it, and that person never replied. I can look up that email and person if necessary.


2008/7/14 Gareth Harmer <>:

Been lurking here for a while, and I think I might be able to help out a little, partly because I live roughly an hour from Oxford.


If vanilla internet access is likely to be an issue why not look at getting some of those wireless 3G modem sticks instead? Oxford has fairly extensive 3G coverage and so might be able to suport it. If it would be of benefit, I can ask the sponsorship team at the network I work for (O2) and see if they would be interested in lending support.



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I wasn't sure if this has been mentioned before. I couldn't see anything mentioned previously in the archives. What sort of access to wireless internet is there?

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> 2008/7/14 Tom Holden <>:
> > I've just heard back from the booking officer at the town hall (an employee,
> > not a councillor) with a quote. Obviously if the Lord Mayor could help us
> > then these figures would be revised downwards.
> >
> > First bit of news is that the weekend of the 7th of August is booked already
> > (as is the 3rd of July), so we'd probably want to have it at the very end of
> > July instead.
> >
> > Second bit of news is that there's a 20% discount if we book all of the
> > public rooms, so on a 6 hour per day basis he's quoting 10569 (compared to
> > 2844 for just the main hall).
> I honestly don't know if that's a big number or a small number, does
> anyone have anything to compare it to? Either way, it's good to have a
> number!
> > The final, and perhaps most important thing to note is that, and I quote:
> > "If your organisation is a registered charity I may be able to offer up to
> > 50% discount on the standard fee." I will e-mail back to see if he'll accept
> > Wikimedia's not for profit status, but I very much doubt he will. Is this a
> > sufficient motivation to do everything conceivably possible to hurry our
> > application for charitable status? Or perhaps to just commit to creating a
> > new charity solely for the running of Wikimania 2010.
> They might accept foreign charities, it's certainly worth a try. If
> there is any reason in the world (the juries still out!) then creating
> a new charity just for the conference should be more work than
> finishing sorting out the one we already have in the pipeline.
> Hopefully we'll hear something from WM UK soon...
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