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I am a member of staff in the Library at the University of Sheffield. The National Fairground Archive is based within the Library and we are interested in using our subject knowledge and collections to contribute to Wikipedia articles relating to this area. We understand the policy about not contributing original research and would not be doing this.

I have looked at your pages on Wikipedia and have seen the information about Wikipedia projects and Wikimedians in residence and I want to ask: is it a requirement that we be part of a project with a pre-existing Wikimedian or is it ok for members of staff here to become editors and make contributions independently? Would this be seen as a conflict of interest?

We would, of course, be using individual accounts and obeying the guidelines for editors. Our aim in contributing would be to make information about this area more available to the public by adding to articles and to provide links (in citations) to our collections so that the general public can further benefit from them.

I am interested to hear whether this kind of activity would be acceptable to the Wikipedia community and as such I look forward to your response.

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​ Sadler​

Really depends on exactly what is planned. While their objectives closely enough align with ours that there shouldn't be a conflict linkspaming by GLAMS has been a problem in the past.