On 21 June 2014 22:47, Fæ <faewik@gmail.com> wrote:
I helped out with this event today, pretty interesting afternoon it
made too, Central St. Martin's being a new creative space and the
gallery there giving a free display of end-of-year works by students.

The event was "paper based" with lots of the public discussing the
history and community of King's Cross Central and the coordinators
gathering all suggestions and cut & pasting the huge wall printout as
the day went on. Rebecca Ross was coordinating the event and is on the
faculty of CSM, specialising in urban history and communications. She
has my email and I have offered to help with the
staging/review/release of updates to the Wikipedia article, this will
probably take a week or two.

I took some photos and there were some photographers with the larger
stage of the event, so hopefully those will make their way to Commons
later. See https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Editathon_in_King%27s_Cross_Central.
I took a little time out to interview Rebecca, and I am thinking of
shaping this up into a Signpost article, along the lines of how an
independent event like this can empower communities to change the way
Wikipedia might represent their local area, including members of the
public who do not want to edit Wikipedia for various reasons.

You may well be onto something there. A new "flavour" going back to the roots of the editathon - a meetup with an editing theme - but a gathering with a different kind of activism.