May I suggest organising the occasional meeting for a date other than the weekend. I am only in London during the week and so only available to show up at this time. Any weekday would do...


On 10/14/05, Cormac Lawler <> wrote:
On 10/13/05, Gordon Joly <> wrote:
> At 20:49 -0500 12/10/05, Jimmy Wales wrote:
> >Gordon Joly wrote:
(snipped a bit both ends)
> >
> >>  Alternatively, a meeting outside London, of course. Maybe the IRC
> >>  meeting will decide the venue.
> >
> >Since I am arriving at 7:40AM, then I could easily make it to some part
> >of England by some reasonable time like noon.  Surely it can't take more
> >than an hour to get anywhere on the whole island? (ha ha! American
> >humor, ignore me!)
> You can fly to Edinburgh in an hour. The outer Scottish Isles will
> take a little  longer.
> >
> >But the point is, I am happy to go anywhere that day, as I have no
> >commitments until the following day, though it would please me to have
> >travelling companions if there's a long train ride involved.
> >
> >--Jimbo
> Yes, that makes sense. James and I (at least) would probably be able
> to hook up with you.

Yes, I don't see any point in having the meeting anywhere other than
London for now - further meetings could be planned for other locations
(or for further more local initiatives, as mentioned at the last
meeting). I'll come down for the meeting anyway and possibly we'll
have greater interest/commitment this time since we will have more
time to give people notice. (Copying to the wikimedia-uk list.)

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