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The last one at Newspeak House was a success, and I would be up for doing this again.  There were several psephologists there last time, and once the exit polling data was out, working with them, we were able to predict who the new incoming MPs would be.  This is of course easiest where existing MPs are standing down in "safe" seats.  There was no shortage of opportunity for Wikipedians to prepare short draft articles ready to move into mainspace.

At this stage, the 12 December results are hard to call, but the likely results will be much clearer once the exit poll data is in.  I understand that a record number of MPs are standing down:
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On Thu, 31 Oct 2019 at 12:27, John Lubbock <> wrote:
Hello Wikimedians, I'm thinking about holding an election night editathon at Newspeak House in London on Thursday 12 December. We did one there last election and it was quite good fun to make draft articles on people who were likely to become MPs in anticipation of the results (which don't usually start coming in until after midnight). I imagine there will be a larger gathering of people at Newspeak, because it's a centre for lots of other political and tech groups on occasions like that, but I wanted to let the mailing list know and ask people to tell me if they would be theoretically interested in participating.

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