On Sep 27, 2012 10:29 PM, "rexx" <rexx@blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> Well if you look at the costs of VLE, for example, there are hosting and development costs and then the costs of writing new modules. £4.5K would still buy quite a few new modules, just not as many as £9.5K would - and asyou say, there's always next year.

My understanding was that the modules were going to be volunteer written.

>Similarly I would expect that a one-day GLAM conference would cost a little more than half of a two-day conference. It wouldn't cover so much, but it still would be a conference.

Perhaps, but it will take almost as much work to organise. My argument was that you need to free up some time, not spend less.

> Nevertheless, if there are particular activities that you think we ought not to be doing, please make a case. I can't guarantee that the Board will agree with you, but I do promise we'll give serious consideration to all the feedback we get from the community.

You're really not getting it. I'm not saying there are specific things you shouldn't be doing. I'm saying you should be doing less. It really doesn't matter what you cancel, but it is time you showed a bit of leadership and made some difficult decisions.