Hi David, 

I started Women in Red which moved the needle from 14% to 17.49%. She can see the twitter page at #wikiwomeninred and there is a women in red Wikipedia page. We can also talk about the work we hsave done with United Nations, Unesco, cambridge uni, wikimedia uk, ng, fr, ca, etc and the BBC.

Happy for you to give her my details.



On 11 March 2018 at 12:40, David Gerard <dgerard@gmail.com> wrote:
Got a call on Friday from Fiona Tatton from Womanthology. She was
interested in talking to someone who's worked on improving
representation of women in Wikipedia, and editing Wikipedia.

Coverage is basically talking to individuals about what they do.

I'm pretty sure this'll be a positive for our work ...

Best method: look at the site, if you'd like to be there then go to
the contact form.

(She left a phone message with Lucy, but I said I'd forward something here too.)

- d.

Great speaking to you just now. Thank you for your time.  As
discussed, I work on Womanthology, a digital magazine that champions
positive female role models and challenges the stereotypes of what it
means to be a ‘successful’ woman today. Please have a look:


I’m working on a Women of History issue - I’m interested in
representation of historical female figures and the way editathons are
being used to highlight the achievements of women who have been
previously overlooked.

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