Something for Wikimedia UK to consider as it plans to give £10,000 to WMDE for the Toolserver's operations as per 2013 Annual Plan:


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From: "DaB." <>
Date: 24 September 2012 23:51:50 BST
Subject: [Toolserver-l] Future of the toolserver
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Hello all,

in these days WMDE (the chapter that finance the toolserver) is discussing the
budget for the next year (2013); you can find it at [1]. At the moment there is
no money for new toolserver-hardware in this budget and the CEO Pavel Richter
is unwilling to change this ([2] in german) – because he fears that there will
be a Wikilabs in 2014. It is not possible for me to run the toolserver for
another year with the current hardware – you all know why. For this reason I
will request a change of the budget at the general meeting at November, so
there will be a vote about. If this vote should fail (and we get no money for
new hardware), I am going to retire from my job as root at 30. December 2012.
I'm not longer able to tolerant the behavior of the german chapter and the WMF
in matter of the toolserver; I do this for free and for fun, and it is not
longer fun.


P.S: If you are in a board of a chapter that gives money to WMDE for the
toolserver: Make sure that it will be spend for hardware.


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