As a general point on this matter; I think it is overkill.

There is nothing in all of this that I have seen which would indicate WMUK is not capable of handling donations in the UK. There have been ethical concerns with the board - but nothing that isn't public enough to make sure everything is at least legal (i.e. no villas in the carribean!).

From muy understanding, this won't affect WMUK's funds for 2013, as that decision lies with the FDC.

On the other hand, allowing WMUK to handle donations means that the movement would obtain extra free money from the UK government, in gift aid.

So, this is a ridiculous decision with no merit.

I'm not going to repeat what's in the statement - it speaks for itself. We'll pay very close attention indeed to the results of the governance review, to make sure we are doing enough to safeguard the reputation of not only ourselves as a charity but the Wikimedia movement as a whole. 

Chis, I would hope it has nothing to to with reputation! And everything to do with doing things properly and with correct ethics.

Reputation won't be a concern in those circumstances!