Actually all that's listed in the minutes is the vote to co-opt Greyham, which doesn't give you a huge amount of context!

The context is as follows - you might remember that in about March 2012 we advertised for people interested in becoming trustees (including advertising in Third Sector magazine, as well as people approaching personal contacts, and an call to the community). 

In about December, Jon Davies reviewed the people who expressed an interest then who either hadn't ended up standing or hadn't been elected, and contacted a number of them who had the most extensive experience of charity governance to see if they were still interested in being co-opted. Greyham responded to that, spent a bit of time getting to know the organisation, and given his experience the Board was keen to co-opt him.



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Im not seeing full details, like the process used to identify Dawes.

Surely that will be in the Board of Trustees minutes?


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