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Wiki Loves Monuments
European photo contest runs in over 10 countries.

Wiki Loves Monuments is an Europe-wide photo contest focused on monuments, that will take place in
September 2011, organized by Wikimedia, the movement behind Wikipedia.
Wikipedia is the popular online encyclopedia with more than 400 million
visitors per month – the free resource is collaboratively authored by volunteers.

Cultural heritage is an important part of the knowledge Wikipedia aims
to collect and disseminate. Everybody can contribute, not only in
writing articles, but also by taking pictures. An image tells more
than a thousand words and can be useful in many different languages at
the same time.

Cultural heritage is just around the corner – almost everywhere. And
everybody can participate easily and raise awareness of monuments
nearby their home. Thus even locals can (re-)discover the cultural,
historical or scientific significance of their neighborhood.

Wikipedia volunteer communities in more than 10 countries are joining this
initiative enthusiastically and paving the way to make participation as
easy as possible. The contest is inspired on the highly successful 2010
pilot edition in the Netherlands, that resulted in the upload of more than 12.500 new images under
a free license, which can be used in Wikipedia and by anybody for any

Any support –from a single image in the contest to spreading the word
or becoming a partner– is warmly welcomed. The coming September,
cultural heritage will be in the spotlight of Wikipeda from Portugal to


Winning photo of 2010