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From: Eric Luth <eric.luth@wikimedia.se>
Date: domingo, 23/12/2018 à(s) 12:48
Subject: [Wikimania-l] Update on some Wikimania preparations
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Hi all!

As we had the pleasure to announce in Cape Town last summer, Wikimania will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, 14-18 August next year. Since 1 October, I am working as Conference Manager on Wikimedia Sweden’s behalf, so if you have any questions you may direct them to me.

The preparations have already begun, and we have some exciting pieces of news to share with you!

Firstly, we are happy to tell that the logistical parts are all set so far. Wikimania will take place at the Stockholm University, and the opening ceremony will take place in the City Hall – the same room where the Nobel Banquet is held every year! Hotels are booked for all scholarship recipients.

The chair of the program committee has also been chosen. It will be Liam Wyatt (Wittylama), long term Wikimedia volunteer. Any questions about the program can be directed to him, at liamwyatt@gmail.com.

We are currently working hard to develop the Wikimania wiki. New for this year is that we are developing a prototype for a reusable Wiki, to be found under the domain ‘wikimania.wikimedia.org’. The idea is that all Wikimania websites should be found under the same umbrella, and that the model can be reused for each new Wikimania website. Please follow the discussions at the talk page of the current landing side.

Finally, as always, we will need volunteers and ambassadors. Are you willing to help out, physically or digitally? Please send us an email at info@wikimedia.se or sign yourself up here, and we will contact you: https://se.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2019/Volont%C3%A4rer (the address will change when the new wiki is ready).

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for those of you celebrating, and a happy last weeks of December for the rest of you. In Sweden, we look forward to brighter times as we just pass the darkest day of the year.

All the best,

Eric Luth
Conference Manager, Wikimedia Sverige
+46 (0) 701 13 80 08

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