Hi Maor,

How can we proceed with any activity on behalf of Wikimedia Portugal, if we can't identify as acting on behalf of the chapter? That means stopping all the projects currently going on, including #1bib1ref, the planned seminary at the National Library, the National Library GLAM and all the other GLAMs, partnerships and educational projects we are currently working on?

Personally, I'm certainly more than open to any mediation, but this decision is a seriously setback to WMPT, especially if that mediation is not resolved very soon. Many of us have invested a lot of time, energy, reputation - and even our own money  - on putting WMPT back on track. We have a number of activities planned and scheduled - I've one here tomorrow, a workshop/marathon on Wikipedia at Presença Feminina (a Portuguese women rights association), on which we planned to connect to Bissau to work with 2 teachers of a school from there. That will be followed by a 25 May, and also 26 May, and a lot of events and activities are already planned to take place on June. It is really depressing and demotivating for everyone involved, and another serious hit on the reputation of the WMPT, if we now have to cancel all that.

It certainly makes me wonder if I've not made a big mistake last October, when I proposed to CLEPUL (University of Lisbon), Cátedra Infante Dom Henrique (Universidade Aberta) and a number of other academic institutions and associations I have personal contact with to partnership with WMPT and develop projects together. Last months seem to have proven that it would have been much more easier to do that individually, or with whoever could join us from the community (or WMPT). 

I'm really not happy in the least with your message, and I'm seriously reflecting on how much time and energy should I invest more on WMPT. 

But more than open to any mediation, as I said.

All the best,


2018-05-18 16:35 GMT+01:00 Maor Malul <maor_x@zoho.com>:

Dear members of Wikimedia Portugal,

The recent developments in your chapter have been brought to our attention by a number of members of the chapter, as well as members of the community. We are monitoring the situation and in the meantime, would like to request all members of the chapter to cease from taking part in this conflict and to work to resolve differences. You may also officially request a conversation with this committee to discuss a potential mediation plan, which we are more than happy to help with. In the case of no interest in resolving your differences and moving forward, this committee may consider the de-recognition of WMPT, having taken into account also the low activity of the group, based on the the reports submitted.

In addition to this, we request that all communications regarding he present situation be routed directly to the AffCom discussion list (affcom@lists.wikimedia.org) rather than various personal communications channels. Please also, refrain from presenting oneself as representative of Wikimedia Portugal until this situation is resolved.

Do not hesitate contacting this committee if you have further questions.

Maor Malul + Sami Mlouhi,

On behalf of the Affiliations Committee


Caros membros da Wikimedia Portugal,

Os desenvolvimentos recentes em seu capítulo foram trazidos à nossa atenção por vários membros do capítulo, e por membros da comunidade. Nós estamos monitorando a situação e, entretanto, gostaríamos de pedir a todos os membros do capítulo que parassem de participar desse conflito e trabalhar para resolver as diferenças. Vocês também podem solicitar oficialmente uma conversa com esse comitê para discutir um possível plano de mediação, com o qual estamos felizes em ajudar. No caso de não haver interesse em resolver suas diferenças e avançar, este comitê poderá considerar o desreconhecimento do WMPT, levando em consideração também a baixa atividade do grupo, baseado nos relatórios apresentados.

Além disso, solicitamos que todas as comunicações relativas à situação atual sejam encaminhadas diretamente para a lista de discussão do AffCom (affcom@lists.wikimedia.org) em vez de outros canais de comunicação pessoais. Por favor, abstenham-se de se apresentar como representantes do Wikimedia Portugal até que esta situação seja resolvida.

Por favor, contatem este comitê se tiverem mais perguntas.

Maor Malul + Sami Mlouhi,

Em nome do Comitê de Afiliações

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